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With the establishment of Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) in 2004, "Office of CME" started working simultaneously. Under this office CME lectures, seminars, symposia conferences and International Health Days are conducted on a regular basis. Over a period of one and a half year this office managed to organize more than 100 national and International events, with the help of dedicated Faculty and Alumni abroad.

After the devastating earthquake of 8th October 2005, there was a need felt to trained health care professional on mass level. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) evolved and hands on work shop were started. Thus the Office of CME was amalgamated into a more comprehensive and elaborate "Professional Development Centre" (PDC) at Dow Medical College (DMC) Campus, the formal inauguration being performed by the Chancellor of the University.

Because of the enormous extent of the scope, two divisions were formed namely surgical & Allied and Medical & Allied and two faculty members were designated as directors of these two divisions. They were given the task to do a Training Needs Assessment and make programs for different categories of health professionals. Training Programs were designed and equipments requisitioned.

PDC has its head office at DMC with its branches at Sind Medical College (SMC) and Dow International Medical College (DIMC) at Ojha campus. All three branches of PDC have similar facilities, equipment, instructors and Undergraduate Skills Lab.

Housed on the fourth floor of the New Academic Block, Professional Development Centre, DMC Campus has Simulated ICU, Simulated Operation Theater, Laparoscopic / Endoscopic Suites, three training halls and a Conference Room. Equipped with the latest audio-visual and multimedia systems, state of art equipment, electronic simulators and manikins. Professional Development Centre provides an excellent facility for providing training in basic & advanced skills to undergraduate students, postgraduates, residents, faculty members & other health professionals.

The priority in the beginning was the training of "Life Saving Skills". Dedicated instructors were sent abroad for training by the American Heart Association (AHA). DUHS has the honour of being designated as the "International Training Centre" (ITC) of AHA.

The initial programs were developed for the following levels:-

  1. Undergraduate (Essential Skills, mandatory in curriculum)
  2. Postgraduates (Core Competencies )
  3. Faculty (Advanced Professional Skills)
  4. Allied Health Fields (Nursing / Para Medic/Medical Technology/PM&R etc)
  5. General Public (Health Awareness Programs).